Do I Really Need A Lawyer For A Small Car Accident – Maybe Not…

Do I Really Need A Lawyer For A Small Car Accident – Maybe Not…

Do I really need a lawyer or can I handle this myself? Sometimes hiring a lawyer is not a good idea. It may not a good idea to hire a lawyer in the following situations.

The Accident Was Your Fault And You Have Sufficient Insuranc

You may not need a lawyer if you caused the accident andyou have sufficient insurance to cover all of the damages. You can deal with your insurance company directly. If necessary, your insurance company may also provide you with an attorney to defend you as a benefit of your automobile insurance. 

You Are Savvy About Insurance

You may know how to buy insurance, but few people know how to use insurance. It is important to know what your insurance actually covers. But if you are savvy about how to use your insurance and understand what the provisions in your insurance contract means, you may be able to handle your own claim.

You Were Not Really Hurt

If you were in an accident that resulted in only property damage, you probably will not need an attorney. If you just need your car fixed, you can probably work directly with the insurance company to resolve the matter. Even if you have a very minor injury where you get better in a few days, you may not need a lawyer. However, please keep in mind that you may not feel the full impact of the injury until a later point in time.

You Have Plenty of Time To Resolve Your Own Claim

You can do your own research and study on how to file your own claim by making phone calls, obtaining relevant documents, following up on little details, and taking on the demeanor necessary to take a firm stance. If you have extra hours in the week to deal with your own claim for over the course of up to a year or sometimes more, you may be up for the challenge of representing yourself.

Conclusion: Hiring a Lawyer May Not Always Be a Good

Being involved in an accident is a new and stressful experience for most people. A lawyer can guide you through the process, protect your interest, tackle complicated issues, and recover money to compensate you for your losses. However, there are also circumstances as mentioned above where hiring an attorney may not be the best idea. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to hear from you.