PEACE OF MIND for the ONES you love.

PEACE OF MIND for the ONES you love.

Top 3 Reasons Why You May Need A Living Trust

By creating a living trust, you can obtain peace of mind for the ones you love by: (1) maintaining power over what is yours; (2) avoiding the high price of probate; and (3) preserving privacy by keeping personal matters personal.


  • Stay in control of your assets during your lifetime by naming yourself as the “trustee” (one who manages the trust assets).
  • Name a “successor-trustee” who will distribute your assets according to your instructions after you pass away.
  • Decide who receives your assets, what they will receive, when they will receive it, and how they will receive it.



  • Avoid the high price of “probate” (the court process that oversees creditors and distribution of the assets).
  • Free your loved ones from headaches of having to endure through probate, which takes a LONG time.
  • Save your loved ones from COSTLY attorney’s fees to get through probate.

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  • Prevent having to disclose personal matters by avoiding the probate process, which is a matter of public record.
  • Avoid having to disclose your assets to the public (trust documents are not made public).
  • Keep the terms of distribution of your assets private by avoiding the probate process.

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